Teacher Spotlight

Meet Art Teacher Mr. Stefan Roseen

This month we are putting the spotlight on Mr. Roseen, our art teacher. 

Mr. Roseen graduated from Valparaiso University, with a BA in theater and studio art. Prior to becoming a teacher, he started a non-profit theater company in Wicker Park called Impostors Theatre Company. He also worked as a visual display artist for retail stores and taught theater courses at the college level. He always knew he wanted to teach courses at a college level in addition to his fine arts work.

Mr. Roseen believes in Catholic education because a lot of art is about the things in the world around us and how to interpret simple things in a deeper way. It is great that students are bringing their spirituality into the art classroom. Mr. Roseen’s favorite thing about the St. Luke community is how the faculty is extremely supportive and always open for conversation and questions. His favorite thing about being a teacher is adapting to his classes by coming up with activities based on where they are in the curriculum, the time of year, and student interests. Mr. Roseen runs all productions at St. Luke.

His personal strengths are thinking on his feet, coming up with creative solutions to problems, and building community with his colleagues and students. His greatest success in teaching is seeing students break out of their shells in projects and productions. Mr. Roseen likes to motivate his students by encouraging them to adapt to their mistakes. He reminds them that there are no failures and you can always work with what you have to come up with a creative solution. His most memorable Bearcat moment was the faculty surprising him with a wedding shower prior to his wedding in May 2022.

Outside of school, Mr. Roseen enjoys cooking and running his theater company. His favorite song is A Case of You by Joni Mitchell because it was his first dance song at his wedding. His favorite musical artist is Ben Howard or Lord Huron. He also loved his dog, Tessa, who is a standard size parti poodle. She truly was a dog in human form and he loves to remember the way she used to sit in a chair like a human!