Teacher Spotlight

Meet 1st Grade Teacher Mrs. Diane Ryan

This month we are putting the spotlight on Mrs. Ryan, one of our 1st grade teachers. 

Mrs. Ryan has been a part of the St. Luke community since 2006. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked in the accounting department on payroll and accounts receivable. After she had children, she was a stay at home mom. When her children were older, she started helping out at their school and fell in love with education. 

Mrs. Ryan believes in Catholic education because she attended Catholic schools all her life. She likes being able to talk about God because He is very important to her. Mrs. Ryan’s favorite thing about the St. Luke community is how everyone loves one another and helps each other. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is how everyday is different, never boring, and she is always learning new things. This year, Mrs. Ryan is a part of the committees for Field Day and the teacher social club. 

Her personal strengths are being flexible because things can happen unexpectedly and it is important to be flexible. Her greatest success in teaching is helping students learn how to read and to introduce Jesus to her students. Mrs. Ryan motivates her students by giving them fun and exciting lessons, challenging them, and supporting students who need extra help. Her most memorable Bearcat moment was when a parent came up to her with a student who was in her class 10 years ago to share what a difference Mrs. Ryan had made in the student’s life! 

Outside of school, Mrs. Ryan likes to watch movies, visit her granddaughter, and is learning how to sew. Her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time because everytime she reads it, she discovers something new.