Teacher Spotlight

Meet Music Teacher Mrs. Jennifer Reckcamp

November Teacher Spotlight

This month we are putting the spotlight on Mrs. Reckamp, our music teacher. 

This is Mrs. Reckamp’s first year at St. Luke School. She graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor’s Degree and UNLV with a Master’s Degree, both in Music. She was a music teacher at St. Matthias school for 17 years. She decided to become a teacher because she was a performer and taught voice and piano lessons. She loves teaching kids.

Mrs. Reckamp believes in Catholic education because she feels that it is important for kids to learn about and discuss their faith, and she loves the choir and Mass that is included in faith-based learning. Mrs. Reckamp’s favorite thing about the St. Luke community is how everyone cares about each other, it is very welcoming, and students and teachers help one another. Her favorite thing about being a teacher is helping students learn about themselves and watching them grow throughout the years. This year, Mrs. Reckamp directs both the children’s choir and cherub choir.

Her personal strengths are that she can be relatable to students and strives to understand where they are coming from. Her greatest success in teaching are her musical shows and productions. She loves seeing people performing and watching the process of her students growing. Mrs. Reckamp likes to motivate her students with humor. She also likes to talk about how music is important and shares her personal experiences. She is looking forward to making many memorable Bearcat moments in the years to come.

Outside of school, Mrs. Reckamp likes to spend time with family and her dog, go on weekend trips, and go to restaurants. She has too many favorite songs to count, but loves any type of music (except Country). Her favorite movie is Pleasantville. Fun fact: Mrs. Reckamp’s great grandmother sang at the Lyric Opera.