Middle School

The St. Luke middle school is an environment where students are inspired to excel academically and emotionally in a rigorous yet nurturing community.

At St. Luke, middle school is a three-year journey through which dedicated teachers collaborate to create and bring to life cross-curricular projects. With integration across subject-areas, students experience the interrelatedness of their learning, as they develop into independent thinkers and responsible members of the community. Our exceptional middle school teachers aim to equip students with a solid understanding of who they are and help them discover and develop their unique gifts and abilities. They work hard to create a learning environment which ensures that every student feels known and valued. 

Learn More About Our Middle School Curriculum

St. Luke middle school students are problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and blossoming communicators. Language arts, math, social studies, science, and religion are all considered core subjects, designed to allow students a full cognitive experience throughout their journey. Our fine arts courses – or Specials – provide opportunities for students to synthesize their learning and apply their skills and knowledge in a variety of relevant and enjoyable contexts.

Our curriculum is broad-based, academically challenging, and student-centered. At every turn, the program is designed to foster a love for learning in our students. In combination with our core values and emphasis on character education, the middle school program engages and motivates young people to be their very best.

Curriculum Highlights


Lab-based science five days per week.


Language arts and writing instruction ten periods per week.


Leveled math program which pairs students by ability.


Spanish instruction three-four days per week.


Integrated Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education, and Social Emotional Learning in students’ weekly schedule.

During the formative middle school years, students begin to develop a deeper sense of who they are and what they believe, while also developing a new level of independence and responsibility. Spearheaded by our teachers, administration, and school counselor, middle school students develop and practice the social emotional skills necessary to be successful leaders and productive members of the community. Annual retreats and other school traditions are opportunities for our students to focus on their spiritual and emotional well-being while developing friendships in a community of classmates.

At St. Luke, we believe education is a partnership with families, providing the nurturing, supportive, and loving environment for our students to carry their success into high school and beyond. 

As they move on to the next stage of their academic life, our students know they always have a home at St. Luke. Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat!